Biked + BrandXR startups team up to bring services to West Michigan

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"It's bike season, a time to ditch those four wheels for two and enjoy a ride in the great outdoors. Grand Rapids start-up, Biked, is teaming up with Detroit-based company, BrandXR, to make bike rides even more fun while seeing the beautiful sights of West Michigan.

Biked is a business that allows bike repair services to come to you. With their app or website, customers just schedule a pick-up time and they'll come to pick up the bike and service it at their shop. Then within a few days, they'll deliver it back to your location fully repaired.

BrandXR Studio is a no-code augmented reality platform and award-winning XR (eXtended reality) studio that allows its users to create, publish, and measure AR interactive experiences. It is most famous for bringing 2D graffiti art and murals on the sides of buildings to life as 3D experiences.

BrandXR created an augmented reality experience for Biked to showcase Biked’s capabilities. In return, Biked has already secured interest from several major parties to bring art to life via BrandXR here in Grand Rapids.

Locations and businesses have not been disclosed for these BrandXR sights, however with Grand Rapids' many murals and artistic culture there's no doubt people will be touring the city to see these AR experiences."

~Lindsay Hoffman

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